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Kattich offers gas stoves to suit every kitchen style whether Professional stainless steel or elegant Glass-top look- Kattich offers an attractive range of designs for a customized kitchen environment. From the smallest energy-saving burner for slow and gentle cooking to the powerful big burner for large amounts and fast heating up, Kattich have large variety of burner size for every application. All its gas stoves are operated by heat resistant knobs control, in this way the power is extremely easy and safe to regulate. This Kattich gas stove comes with CBB technology i. e.. Complete Body base, the user can also use this gas stove by removing the upper glass as this gas stove is having full steel body. This becomes helpful when sometimes accidentally, glass gets break by the user. Every Kattich gas stove contain the common quality measures like aluminium mixing tube, 100% brass burners, wrought iron pan support etc.

Category: Cook-Tops

*CBB technology

*Aluminium mixing tube

*High quality brass burner

*Extra Large High-flame Burner

*German Quality toughened glass

*Wrought iron heavy pan support

*Heat resistant knobs

*360 degree survival pipe nozzle

*Stainless steel burner surrounding cover

*Body molded from bottom edges for easy lifting

*Two Years Warranty